Beta 02 scheduled!

Hello everyone!

We’ve scheduled the next beta event, Beta 02, to next Sunday 10/03/2013 (that’s March 10, not October 3).

We’re making a few changes for this event, so read carefully:

First, we’re removing the current account-based login mechanism and instead letting anyone in. The reason for that is the account server we’ve created takes a lot of maintenance as well, and it just got in the way of the first event, so for now we’re putting it on hold and re-thinking the entire thing.

We know this may upset those who have already bought the game but worry not! We know you bought the game, and you’ll get it when it’s released. For now, however, the account system is just too buggy to maintain and we prefer to focus on the game development first.

Second, we’ll be running the event for a much longer period of time, 12 hours, from 15:00 UTC on March 10 to 03:00 UTC on March 11.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you all on March 10!

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