Beta Event 01 is over…

To anyone who join us tonight – Thank You!

With Capital Letters.

I hope you had a great time, even through all the bugs and issues. Thank you for staying with us all the way!

We’ll keep you updated about the next event.

Thanks again!

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  1. captaincabbage says:

    Really?? A three hour Beta event? D:
    Man, I literally just got up and realised I had a key in my inbox. :C

    • Asaf Sitner says:

      Sorry about that. :c
      The schedule was up for the last week, but nevertheless, we’ll be better prepared for the next event.

    • Asaf Sitner says:

      We’re still discussing it internally.
      We’ll announce it here, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, the forum, and the Steam Greenlight page, so follow one or all of those to make sure you get notified. :)


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