Beta Event 04 Scheduled!

Hello everyone!

We’ve scheduled the next beta event to Sunday, May 12 2013.

In this event we want to try out our new, simplified account system.

You’ll need a key to enter the game this time, so we’ve opened registration in our forums, here: 

Just post in the topic and we’ll try to get back to you with a key as soon as possible.

As we’ve re-written the entire system from scratch, your old key won’t work. So even if you already have a beta key, please use the link above to get a new one.

The event agenda is as follows:

12/05/2013 12:00 – Game Server Online
12/05/2013 19:00 – Game Server Shutdown

* Date/Time format: Day/Month/Year, 24-hour clock, UTC time zone

We’ll see you all on the battlefield!

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