BeholdR 5.0 Released

We are proud to announce BeholdR 5.0, our biggest release yet!

The highlights of this new release include:

  • Disable BeholdR on a per-view basis.
  • Suppress BeholdR if the Scene View is not in Shaded mode.
  • Save & Load Post Effects stack Presets.
  • Preset Matrix window for quick comparison between presets.
  • Reorder the Post Effects list to reorder the components on the BeholdR game object.

…and many fixes and performance improvements.

Go get it!

Buy from the Unity Asset Store

Fields of War end of life status

Fields of War server has been shut down due to inactivity.

The last half year Fields of War had almost no connections to the server or new purchases.

Thanks to everyone that has been with us from the greenlight days! That’s two years ago! :D
From alpha to beta, from release to IndieRoyal, Fields of War community was small but we had some good times! :)

We are grateful for your support, Thank you!

Introducing WeavR, the next step in 3D game art creation

We are proud to announce newest project, WeavR.

WeavR is a 3D art creation environment that is integrated into the Unity® game engine.
The purpose of WeavR is to accelerate game development by enhancing the game engine editor with 3D art creation tools.

By doing this WeavR empowers artists and designers to create and iterate faster, shortening the art pipeline and allowing faster prototypes.


The motivation to develop WeavR came as part of an internal post-mortem we did as we were wrapping up the development of our own game, Fields of War.

A lot of time was spent on creating the world and the environment, which could have been spent on creating a wider variety of Mechs and weaponry.

While researching a way to optimize our workflow we began to experiment with writing our own editor tools for environment creation.

At the beginning we opted to create a brush-based system for sculpting and painting, specialized for terrains and organic level editing.


As we developed this system we were excited by its potential and decided to increase its scope and began to add more functionality to it.

We soon realized that we could go much further than a simple brush-based sculpt system, and decided to stop and rethink.

Discussing the possibilities, the project evolved further and the prototypes became more sophisticated and capable until we have reached the final conclusion.


What we really wanted, what we were really after, what we thought would really make a difference and take game development a step further.
Maybe even on a global scale.

A real, rich modeling toolset that is seamlessly integrated into the game engine editor, yet able to become part of any pipeline with its native FBX file format.

This is WeavR.

WeavR Campaign Banner

Now we’re at a position where we are deep into the development of WeavR, for almost a year now.

The work on the core components and infrastructure, like the Mesh model, the unlimited Undo system and the memory management module are all in place and working.

All that’s left now is continue developing the tools themselves, the actions that will take the potential WeavR has and make it a reality.

But we’re running out of time, and we need your help.

WeavR is a massive project.
It will take time to reach its full potential.

But we believe in it.
We believe it can make a positive change and enhance the game development process.

Help us make WeavR a reality.


BeholdR 3.2 is out

We have just released BeholdR 3.2, our biggest update yet.

BeholdR 3.2 includes many new features such as automatic discovery of Image Effects, web-based version checking and much improved UI.

This update is of course free of charge, and available for download right now for those who purchased BeholdR from us.
The Unity Asset Store version is expected to update in a few days.

Thank you all and we hope you enjoy using BeholdR as much as we do.

We Are Virtual Mirror

We are very proud to announce that we are no longer Thermal Erosion.
From now on, we are Virtual Mirror Game Studios.

We are working on new and exciting projects, but we can’t tell you more about them yet.

Welcome to our new site and future.

Virtual Mirror Game Studios

Welcome to our new site!

It’s good to have you.

Here you can learn more about us and our games, and stay updated with the company news.

For more information on our first title, Fields of War, check the menu on the left.

If you wish to discuss something in depth, or simply chat with us, join our community. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

You can also keep up with us by following on Twitter or Liking our Facebook page.

Take a look around, and if you encounter any issues with the site, do not hesitate to use the Support button on the bottom-left corner and alert us to the problem.

Enjoy your stay!