Fields of War end of life status

Fields of War server has been shut down due to inactivity.

The last half year Fields of War had almost no connections to the server or new purchases.

Thanks to everyone that has been with us from the greenlight days! That’s two years ago! :D
From alpha to beta, from release to IndieRoyal, Fields of War community was small but we had some good times! :)

We are grateful for your support, Thank you!

Fields of War is now available on Desura

Hello everyone!

We’re happy to announce that Fields of War is now officially released on for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Go get it on Desura:

Desura Digital Distribution

If you bought the game previously and would like to receive a redeemable Desura key, please fill the form below:


Open Desura Key Redeem Form


We’ll send the Desura key to this address

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This is your current Fields of War game key that you received from the store you purchased Fields of War from

Is there anything you’d like to tell us?


And if you would like to see us on Steam as well, please vote for us on our Greenlight page:

Thank you, and we will see you on the battlefield!

Fields of War Available for pre-purchase on Desura

Hello everyone!

We’re glad to announce that Fields of War is now available for pre-order from Desura, and scheduled for full release on January 15.

Upon release, all of you who bought Fields of War elsewhere are eligible for a Desura key if you want.
More details will be given on January 15.

Go get it!

Fields of War

And If you’d like to see us on Steam too, don’t forget to vote on our Greenlight page:

Fields of War has officially launched

Hello everyone!

We are extremely thrilled to announce that Fields of War has finally launched.

Check out the launch trailer here: 

hank you all for supporting us through the beta phase and giving us your feedback, it’s been invaluable for us.

If you haven’t already known, Fields of War has a Greenlight page where you can vote for it to get on Steam: 

Finally, Fields of War is available for purchase from our Store.


Thank you, and we’ll see you all on the battlefield! 

Fields of War version 0.9.6b released

Hello everyone!

We’ve updated Fields of War to version 0.9.6b

As you’ll see this is a massive bug-fix update, and we’re expecting to release the final version of Fields of War soon. 

Please download the newest version from here. 



  • Map icon size adapts to zoom level
  • Map scroll speed adapts to zoom level
  • Different map icons for AI bots
  • Feedback when low on health
  • Squad Join Request
  • Feedback when being hit


  • Infiltrator Sneak Attack from first after decloak to every time it hits a mech from behind
  • Infiltrator normal attack damage nerfed
  • Squad leader icon on player list changed to crown


  • AI keep shooting even after Line-of-Sight was lost
  • Demolition can jump into buildings
  • Engineer firing effect continues even after running out of ammo
  • Transfer doesn’t get canceled when the destination field was lost to the faction
  • AI ignoring Engineer turrets
  • Missing IK calculation for mechs that were out of view
  • Map scrolls outside map limits
  • Exiting the game while connected to a server causes the application to crash
  • Infiltrator Chain Lightning effect doesn’t display on hit targets
  • Transfer doesn’t initiate when clicking the North HQ icon
  • Artillery legs flicker when entering/exiting deploy
  • FX Volume slider killing sound completely
  • Music Volume slider not changing music volume
  • First chat message after switching channel by typing the channel name contains the channel name at the beginning
  • Artillery loading Missile while it’s in the air causes the missile to disappear permanently
  • Other mechs’ feet sometimes mix with local mech’s feet
  • Other mechs shake when walking
  • Cursor showing after exiting a menu
  • Engineer shots ignore the environment
  • Unkillable mech ghosts sometimes remain for players who already have another mech in play
  • Infiltrator Chain Lightning hits friendly units
  • Existing Engineer Turrets not spawning for players who joined after they were created
  • Clicking quickly sometimes creates more than 1 turret
  • Artillery able to exit deploy before it had entered deploy
  • Infiltrator Chain Lightning cooldown tied to ECM cooldown
  • Tank Teleports into objects
  • AI global system crash
  • Camera hits Demolition mech during Jump
  • Mission message and markers drawn over the main menu if switching to a menu after opening the map menu by pressing V
  • Clicking the left menu panel while in game causes the cursor to disappear
  • Sometimes after entering play the minimap starts disabled
  • Main menu not displaying while in Cinematic Mode
  • When player changes Faction the don’t leave their squad
  • Player able to create a squad before joining any Faction
  • Minimap showing after exiting the main menu while in Cinematic Mode
  • When Infiltrator hits with Chain Lightning it doesn’t play the sound effect

Known Issues:

  • No Log file on Linux systems

Introducing the future of Fields of War

Hello everyone!

We have received a lot of feedback about Fields of War, which caused us to pause and think for a while.

We tried to distill this feedback, these ideas, and figure out where Fields of War shines, where it doesn’t and why.

The result of this time we took away from writing code or creating art is a clear vision of what we want Fields of War to be.

This vision will be guiding us throughout the future development of Fields of War.

We realize that it’s a grand and ambitious vision, and that it will take time to complete.

Since we promised you an update, we decided to share our vision with you, but please be aware that not all of our ideas are complete or documented yet.

You’ll probably be able to catch us editing the document from time to time, and if you do, please remember that we’re working hard so we probably won’t be able to reply if you start to chat. :)

Please, please give us your feedback and share your ideas with us in our community (link).

We can’t promise to implement or incorporate anything, but we do promise to read your comments and take them into consideration.

You can find the shared Google Document here:

Thank you all,

Harel, Rony and Asaf