Fields of War end of life status

Fields of War server has been shut down due to inactivity.

The last half year Fields of War had almost no connections to the server or new purchases.

Thanks to everyone that has been with us from the greenlight days! That’s two years ago! :D
From alpha to beta, from release to IndieRoyal, Fields of War community was small but we had some good times! :)

We are grateful for your support, Thank you!

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  1. Spartan-104 says:

    Im sad to see it go, I really liked this game. Im still excited to see what you guys will create in the future though.

  2. wsensor says:

    I just remembered about this game I had gotten it on indiegamestand but whenever I went to play it was always all bots and no players.

    I figured by now there might be more players but then discovered it was dead 0.o sad to see it did not work out it was interesting and cool.

  3. Game Owner says:

    This is your fault.

    You passed Greenlight, then didn’t put the game up for sale on Steam afterwards. Of course no one was playing. You weren’t selling it where it matters. Basically you cash grabbed the rest of us who did buy it…

    • Harel Jann
      Harel Jann says:

      I understand what you see from your point of view.
      But, this is more complex than that. when we started greenlight we did not plan to be stuck there almost a year until passing it. this burned all the cash we intended for release.
      Although it was hard, we decided that we won’t be able to support release on steam.

      Believe me, seeing my project die is not the thing I’ve been hoping for.
      But I hope I’m smarter today and that I’ll be able to adapt to industry changes better in the future.

      Anyway, If you feel cash grabbed and you didn’t enjoy the game contact me directly and I’ll do all I can to fully refund you.

      Have a nice day.


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