Fields of War version 0.9.5b released

Hello everyone!

We’ve updated Fields of War to version 0.9.5b

This is mainly a maintenance release focused on fixing the squad system.

Please download the newest version from here.



  • Fixed bug where user did not have a display name when entering the game for the first time
  • Fixed bug where artillery could move in deployed state if it transferred to another field while deployed
  • Fixed bug where squad invites won’t show
  • Artillery rate of fire miscalculation while deployed
  • AI Bots unable to see players inside field border, if the bots are outside of the field border
  • New player doesn’t receive old squads
  • Aiming lasers showing while transitioning
  • Nearby Mechs not showing markers if outside field border while camera is inside field border

Known Issues:

  • AI bots ignore turrets
  • When exiting the game from the main menu, the client crashes – windows
  • No Log file on Linux systems
  • Transfer between fields sometimes doesn’t work
  • Some fields could not be captured after being neutralized
  • When exiting from Map view, aiming sometimes gets overriden
  • Strategic Retreat can cause the game to break if timed exactly with Tank’s Teleport
  • Using Lockdown on a field that was just neutralized may cause the field to break
  • First chat message after switching channels contains the channel name at the beginning
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