Fields of War version 0.9.6b released

Hello everyone!

We’ve updated Fields of War to version 0.9.6b

As you’ll see this is a massive bug-fix update, and we’re expecting to release the final version of Fields of War soon. 

Please download the newest version from here. 



  • Map icon size adapts to zoom level
  • Map scroll speed adapts to zoom level
  • Different map icons for AI bots
  • Feedback when low on health
  • Squad Join Request
  • Feedback when being hit


  • Infiltrator Sneak Attack from first after decloak to every time it hits a mech from behind
  • Infiltrator normal attack damage nerfed
  • Squad leader icon on player list changed to crown


  • AI keep shooting even after Line-of-Sight was lost
  • Demolition can jump into buildings
  • Engineer firing effect continues even after running out of ammo
  • Transfer doesn’t get canceled when the destination field was lost to the faction
  • AI ignoring Engineer turrets
  • Missing IK calculation for mechs that were out of view
  • Map scrolls outside map limits
  • Exiting the game while connected to a server causes the application to crash
  • Infiltrator Chain Lightning effect doesn’t display on hit targets
  • Transfer doesn’t initiate when clicking the North HQ icon
  • Artillery legs flicker when entering/exiting deploy
  • FX Volume slider killing sound completely
  • Music Volume slider not changing music volume
  • First chat message after switching channel by typing the channel name contains the channel name at the beginning
  • Artillery loading Missile while it’s in the air causes the missile to disappear permanently
  • Other mechs’ feet sometimes mix with local mech’s feet
  • Other mechs shake when walking
  • Cursor showing after exiting a menu
  • Engineer shots ignore the environment
  • Unkillable mech ghosts sometimes remain for players who already have another mech in play
  • Infiltrator Chain Lightning hits friendly units
  • Existing Engineer Turrets not spawning for players who joined after they were created
  • Clicking quickly sometimes creates more than 1 turret
  • Artillery able to exit deploy before it had entered deploy
  • Infiltrator Chain Lightning cooldown tied to ECM cooldown
  • Tank Teleports into objects
  • AI global system crash
  • Camera hits Demolition mech during Jump
  • Mission message and markers drawn over the main menu if switching to a menu after opening the map menu by pressing V
  • Clicking the left menu panel while in game causes the cursor to disappear
  • Sometimes after entering play the minimap starts disabled
  • Main menu not displaying while in Cinematic Mode
  • When player changes Faction the don’t leave their squad
  • Player able to create a squad before joining any Faction
  • Minimap showing after exiting the main menu while in Cinematic Mode
  • When Infiltrator hits with Chain Lightning it doesn’t play the sound effect

Known Issues:

  • No Log file on Linux systems
2 replies
  1. Ioannis says:

    Two things on the Linux version:
    First, please package in tarballs. Why do we do this? First, the compression (usually gunzip or bzip2, though xz is lzma-based and the most powerful) is far superior. Second, bzip2 and gz are universally supported on Linux systems, and xz almost is (it’s a matter of time before Debian switches too). More importantly, tarballs retain UNIX permissions. No need to include a readme. Saves everyone some hassle.

    Second, it won’t work! I get this output:
    Set current directory to /home/superuser/games/FoW
    Found path: /home/superuser/games/FoW/FoW0.9.6b.x8664
    There is no data folder

    There IS a data folder, it’s FoW0.9Data! What on earth is going on, I ask you?


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