Introducing the future of Fields of War

Hello everyone!

We have received a lot of feedback about Fields of War, which caused us to pause and think for a while.

We tried to distill this feedback, these ideas, and figure out where Fields of War shines, where it doesn’t and why.

The result of this time we took away from writing code or creating art is a clear vision of what we want Fields of War to be.

This vision will be guiding us throughout the future development of Fields of War.

We realize that it’s a grand and ambitious vision, and that it will take time to complete.

Since we promised you an update, we decided to share our vision with you, but please be aware that not all of our ideas are complete or documented yet.

You’ll probably be able to catch us editing the document from time to time, and if you do, please remember that we’re working hard so we probably won’t be able to reply if you start to chat. :)

Please, please give us your feedback and share your ideas with us in our community (link).

We can’t promise to implement or incorporate anything, but we do promise to read your comments and take them into consideration.

You can find the shared Google Document here:

Thank you all,

Harel, Rony and Asaf