Fields of War has officially launched

Hello everyone!

We are extremely thrilled to announce that Fields of War has finally launched.

Check out the launch trailer here: 

hank you all for supporting us through the beta phase and giving us your feedback, it’s been invaluable for us.

If you haven’t already known, Fields of War has a Greenlight page where you can vote for it to get on Steam: 

Finally, Fields of War is available for purchase from our Store.


Thank you, and we’ll see you all on the battlefield! 

Steam Greenlight, Closed Beta 01 and Pre-Order

Hello everyone!

We’re proud to announce that we’re finally ready and live on Steam Greenlight.

Your votes are much appreciated. :)

We’re also proud to announce the first closed beta event will begin on 03/03/2013!

More details here.

We’re yet again proud to announce the game is available for purchase right here! :D