Fields of War interview on IndieGameHQ

Hello everyone!

We’ve had the pleasure to be interviewed by the awesome guys over at IndieGameHQ.
We’re discussing the future of Fields of War, including customization, AI and GUI updates.

Read it all at

Fields of War is available on GamersGate!

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to announce that Fields of War is now also available for purchase from GamersGate!

Please check out our page:

We’re also pretty excited that GameSpot has featured our beta gameplay video on their channel, so please head over there and give us a thumbs up? :D

Thank you all, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Fields of War is… covered by the media?!

We are humbled.

As a small, unknown independent studio, it’s hard to get noticed. So we want to thank our wonderful community for uploading videos, talking to media sites and being enthusiastic about Fields of War!

Special thanks goes to:

We’ll also be having an interview with Branching Dialogue later today (or tomorrow if something unexpected happens), so thanks in advance guys! :)