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BeholdR (pronounced “Beholder”) is a Unity® Editor extension that allow you to see Image Effects¹, post processes and HDR effect right in the editor Scene View.

This enable you to work in an environment that is identical to the final Game View.
No more endless hopping between Game and Scene views!

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Why BeholdR

When working with Image Effects¹ or HDR, the Scene View – which doesn’t support them – fails to show the real, final look of the game.

By enabling Image Effects¹ and HDR in the Scene View, BeholdR saves you the need for a reference Game View, providing you with an accurate and smoother editing experience.

In addition to that, BeholdR provides you with an even smoother workflow by allowing you to link one of your Scene Views to the game camera so you can position it naturally.

Image Effects & HDR

BeholdR synchronizes Image Effects¹ to the Scene View in real-time, providing you with an accurate look of the final game output.

Any change in the Inspector is immediately reflected in the Scene View.

BeholdR will attempt to automatically detect and synchronize both existing and new Image Effects¹.


BeholdR is built from the ground up with the concept of multiplicity, allowing you to have multiple BeholdR components so you can visualize different configurations.

BeholdR also supports as many scene views as you have open, automatically synchronizing Image Effects¹ to all of them.

Free Updates

We’re committed to developing BeholdR.

We use it for our own games and we’re excited to share it with the community.

This is why we’ve decided to give all future updates free of charge to existing customers.

¹ Image Effects are also known as Full Screen Effects.