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WeavR (pronounced “Weaver”) is a full-featured 3D art creation toolset, integrated into the Unity® Editor.
It gives artists and designers the tools to create 3D content right inside their game editing environment.

Despite being integrated into Unity® Editor, WeavR stand up to standard with dedicated 3D applications.
This includes native FBX¹ pipeline, support for N-gons, rich modelling tools, rigging tools and much more.

WeavR is in development.
Alpha is currently slated for early 2015.

Why WeavR?

Tools helps creators bring their vision to life.

The Unity® Editor is a great tool. It lets game creators visualize scale, lighting, shading, FX and sound and puts them very close to play their creation.

By expanding the Unity® Editor with rich 3D art creation tools, WeavR takes this freedom of creation to the next level.

Unity Integration

WeavR works with both the Free and Pro versions of Unity®.

The user experience of WeavR is designed to be as close to the Unity® Editor as possible.
Navigation, asset management, shortcuts, and even the UI itself are all living in harmony with the Unity® Editor.

WeavR works seamlessly with Unity® meshes, allowing direct editing of a meshes, instanced meshes and even content that came from the Unity® asset store.

FBX Pipeline

FBX¹ is WeavR’s native file format².
We’ve choose FBX¹ as it gives us the most features and flexibility.

All Unity® import features are supported through FBX¹, for example Blend shapes will only be imported from FBX¹.

Moreover, as FBX¹ is the most widely accepted file format, you can rest assure that WeavR will integrate seamlessly with your existing software and pipelines.

Ngon Support

N-gons (also known as polygons) are faces that has more than three points (for example: Quad, Hexagon etc.).

While triangles are very efficient to display, they are not flexible for modelling.
That’s why WeavR supports N-gons out of the box.

WeavR’s N-gon design is very sophisticated and can support extreme shapes with thousands of points.

Tool Set

WeavR is designed to host a range of 3D art creation tools, from Modelling and UV all the way to Rigging and Blend Shapes:

Standard polygon modeling tools like knife, merge, subdivide, extrude…
UV tools like automatic unfold, cut UV, stitch UV…
Sophisticated selection tools like loops, rings, shells, component conversions…
Rigging tools like skinning, Blend Shapes, paint weights…

There are even more specific level design tools, like sculpt/paint brushes, advanced alignment tools, automatic subdivision etc.

The entire list of current and upcoming features can be found on our roadmap page.

User Experience

The WeavR user experience is built from the ground up to be intuitive, clean and powerful.

Every action in WeavR can be accessed from the dynamic menu called the HotBox.
WeavR also borrows the familiar concept of ActionBar from RPG which give quick access to commonly used actions.
The ToolBar reduces clutter by bringing all tool parameters to one shared place.

Finally, As the UI is integrated in the scene view it was designed to be slim while fitting well with the Unity® Editor skins, both regular and pro.


Mesh data can be very complex to store and work with.
WeavR has a custom memory management module that is efficient, fast and self-repairing.

Despite it’s underlying complex architecture, WeavR is built for extensibility.
Adding new actions, tools and UI elements is simple and quick.

Documentation on extending WeavR will be provided in the future.

Unlimited Undo

One of the features that no digital content creator can live without, is the ability to undo an action.

With WeavR, the Undo/Redo system is practically unlimited.
The memory footprint is so small, that we can record thousands of history steps.

The dedicated History Window in the UI that shows all past actions and their execution times, providing better insight into the creative workflow.

Free Updates

We’re committed to developing WeavR.

We use it for our own games and we’re excited to share it with the community.

This is why we’ve decided to give all future updates free of charge to existing customers.


What do you mean ‘free updates for life’?

We mean that everyone who buys WeavR will receive all future updates for free, forever.

This includes all versions of WeavR, all the fixes and all the features, for as long as WeavR is being developed.

For free.

When is WeavR expected to launch?

Our current estimate is that the WeavR alpha will be ready for release by early 2015.

From there on we will continuously update and improve WeavR; adding features, fixing bugs and improving every aspect of WeavR.

What are the system requirements of WeavR?

WeavR is hosted within Unity.

This means that any computer that can run Unity, can run WeavR.

The only difference is in the scale and speed of execution – more powerful computers can complete operations faster and work on larger projects.

Will WeavR work with Unity Free?


The entire feature set of WeavR will work in both Unity®Free and Unity®Pro versions.

What version of Unity is required?

WeavR is only guaranteed to operate properly on Unity versions 4.5 and up.

Which platforms does WeavR support?

WeavR works on both Windows and Mac.

Is (feature name here) going to be included in WeavR?


You can follow the development of WeavR closely on the roadmap page to see what features, tools and actions are under development, and what their current status is.

If you do happen to have an idea for a feature that isn’t listed on the roadmap, please tell us about it and we will happily discuss it with you!

Will the source code be included?

We are still debating this question.

But, even if the answer will ultimately be ‘no’, WeavR can be easily extended, and we’ll provide documentation on how to do that in the future.

¹ FBX is a file format owned and developed by Autodesk, Inc.
² WeavR will convert Wavefront OBJ and Collada DAE to FBX.